NijaChat is a Super App with a multi-purpose social and lifestyle app. NijaChat is more than a composite application that aggregates services, features, and functions into a single user interface.


NijaChat is a safe and convenient way for people to connect and improve their lives using the latest mobile technology. We're a company dedicated to helping develop the African region by creating jobs, providing goods and services during tough times, and attracting talented people. We seek to attract high-potential talents, create job opportunities, and provide people with goods and services during difficult periods. In 2023, the NijaChat team introduced Campus, a comprehensive learning management system to facilitate a fully remote educational experience. Additionally, we are developing infrastructure solutions for the region, paving the way for new opportunities that never existed before. The NijaChat ecosystem constantly evolves, and we are always open to potentially valuable partnerships. Join the world of NijaChat and explore potential collaboration opportunities with us.

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