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Access multiple lifestyle services on one platform for a hassle-free experience that combines online and offline seamlessly.


Safe & Secure

We fully protect your privacy. Your chats, groups, and channel conversations are 100% encrypted with military-grade AES encryption.


Always connected

Enjoy seamless communication with unlimited device sign-in, allowing you to stay connected with your friends and family on the go, no matter which device you use.

NijaChat is the Superapp

Get an All-in-One messenger and lifestyle app to connect with friends and family anywhere, anytime. Enjoy free video and voice calls, messaging, videoconferencing, and chatbots. Also, access various lifestyle services in MENA, Africa, and Asia.



Stay up-to-date and never miss important stories. Follow your favorite media topics and access news, entertainment, and other content.



Get match updates and discover new games by connecting with the gaming community through text broadcasts on the platform.

Our Mission

We created a platform that improves lives and fosters a global community.

We value team diversity and promote an inclusive work environment to achieve our mission. We leverage technology to connect people worldwide while promoting diversity, sustainability, and social responsibility. Together, we aim to make the world a better place.


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